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Membership Data

Of the 775 fire departments throughout Minnesota, Minnesota State Fire Chiefs Association (MSFCA) has representation in 358 (46%) of those Departments. There are over 1,700 total active and retired volunteer, combination, career and affiliated members of MSFCA.

Over 20% of members are Command Level Officers; 55% are Line Officer and Associate members; 12% are Retirees/Lifetime/Honorary members; another 12% subscribe just to receive the MSFCA publications; and the remaining are comprised of Sustaining members and other State associates. 

Sustaining Membership

Sustaining membership is available to corporations, companies, partnerships and any other organization in the fire equipment, prevention, suppression, detection, business and any other business organization interested in better fire protection.

Companies who enter into the Sponsorship Program are granted Sustaining Member status in MSFCA. If not interested in the Sponsorship Program packages, a company may still wish to become a Sustaining Member ($200 annually) to obtain the 25% member discount on advertisements and exhibits for MSFCA events.

Sponsorship Program Summary

This brochure extensively describes the benefits that are available in increasing value at the higher levels of the program. Each Bugle level has a dedicated page identifying what’s included at that level. Items which are available at higher levels are greyed-out for a convenient way to compare the specific against the percentage and dollar value. 

Exclusive Sponsor Benefits

MSFCA does not offer website advertising, but it does showcase the generosity of the 1- to 5- Bugle Sponsors in a variety of ways. There’s a sponsor page dedicated on the website, and special posts and banners created to thank the Sponsors throughout the year. MSFCA also now shares sponsor information through its social media channels. These new and exclusive exposure opportunities are not offered to companies that purchase advertising, exhibit space, or add-on sponsorships ala carte; it is reserved for those companies who invest in MSFCA at one of the Bugle levels.

Hierarchical Priority

As trade show layouts are drafted for events, advertisements placed in publications, and social media posts scheduled, priority is given first to the highest level of sponsor on a first-come, first-served basis.


These home page and specific page images (created by the office, not the company) are placed on www.msfca.org as a way for the association to highlight the generosity of companies who support the MSFCA’s mission. These are not advertisements, nor is this type of exposure available for purchase. This is the MSFCA’s way of saying ‘thank you’ to those 1- to 5-Bugle Sponsors. All sponsors names will be listed and linked on dedicated sponsor page: www.msfca.org/page/Sponsorship. Logos will be included at the 4- and 5-Bugle Levels.

Social Media

Sponsors will have the opportunity to reserve their social media spots on a calendar of availability maintained by the office. Only a limited quantity of each are available. Social media shared by MSFCA for the 2- through 5-Bugle Levels will identify that it is a sponsored message.

Event Related Notes

  • Sponsors will be contacted separately about additional items available for purchase for their Annual Conference exhibits. The types of direct passthrough items that are not included in the $800 booth/table space include: electricity, carpet, internet, additional display tables, and other booth furniture/equipment.

  • If a company is unable to attend the Annual Conference or one of the Fire Officer and Training Officer School events, the monetary amount for the truck/booth/table space can be allocated towards a sponsorship for that specific event, but cannot be exchanged for any other sponsorship program benefits.

  • The amount of space available for truck/booth/table space is limited by each venue. If additional space is available, it will be offered first to Sponsorship Program participants.

  • Sponsors at the 2- through 5-Bugle levels received varying discounts on the purchase of any additional booth spaces

  • Lanyards are offered as an add-on sponsorship, but tote-bags will be produced by the MSFCA office in bulk each year in January. 

   Member  Non-Member  Savings 
 MSFCA Events      
 Conference Booth / 20' Apparatus  $800  $1,000 20%=$200
Conference Booth / 30' Apparatus $1,600 $2,000 20%=400
Conference Booth / 40' Apparatus $2,400 $3,000 20%=600
 FOTOS Booth  $350 $437.50 25%=$87.50 (up to 2x/yr)
 Minnesota Fire Chief Magazine- Quarterly, 4x/yr      
 Full Page Ad  $800 $1,000 20%=$200 (up to 4x/yr)
 Half Page Ad  $400 $500 20%=$100 (up to 4x/yr)
 Quarter Page Ad  $200  $250 20%=$50 (up to 4x/yr)
 MSFCA E-Newsletter - Monthly, 12x/yr      
 Banner Ad $500 $625 20%=$125 (up to 12x/yr)
 Half Banner Ad $250 $312.50 20%=$62.50 (up to 12x/yr)
 Small Ad $100 $125

20%=$25 (up 12x/yr


 Bugle Level  Cost Value  Savings
5-Bugle  $12,500 $19,400 36%= $6,900
4-Bugle $10,000 $12,725 21%= $2,725
3-Bugle $7,500 $8,950 16%= $1,450
2-Bugle $5,000 $5,825 14%= $825
1-Bugle $2,500 $2,600 4%= $100


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