MSFCA Kitchen Fire Safety Live Demonstration Units

Through a grant from the MN FAIR Plan, the MSFCA Public Education Committee has two Kitchen Fire Safety Live Demonstration Units available for rent for fire departments across Minnesota.

The Kitchen Fire Safety Live Demonstration Units are available for fire departments to use to educate their communities on how to prevent kitchen fires.

Prior to renting a unit, fire departments must attend the mandatory training. Rental is $75.00 for the first day and $25.00 for each additional event day.

Unattended cooking, including stovetop, cooking oil, and grease fires, is the number one cause of home fires and fatalities in Minnesota. Many of the injuries and fatalities are caused by people tossing water on the grease fire or grabbing the burning pan off of the stovetop to move it outside or to the sink.

The units are portable classrooms with a working stovetop for live demonstrations. A team of trained firefighters teaches the public how to prevent kitchen fires and how to react and survive a fire if one should occur. As one team member teaches, the other team members place a pot of oil on the stovetop and wait until it starts on fire. Firefighters then show citizens how to extinguish a stovetop, cooking oil, or grease fire by sliding a lid on the pan and turning off the heat. Once the crowd sees how to put out a stovetop fire safely, they are shown what happens when water is poured into the burning pan of grease. As the waters hits the hot grease, the grease explodes and flames spread across the ceiling and out of the unit. Citizens are left with a lasting impression. The units were put into service at the end of September of 2011. Since then, thousands of people have been educated about kitchen fire safety.

The two MSFCA Kitchen Fire Safety Live Demonstration Units are available for rent. Please read and understand the responsibilities outlined in the rental agreement prior to contacting the office for rental. In addition, please check the schedule to ensure the unit you wish to reserve is available on the date desired.

Kitchen Fire Safety Live Demonstration Unit Training

Train the Trainer
This free training session not only allows you to hold live public demonstrations in your community, it also allows you to train other fire departments on how to use the Kitchen Fire Safety Live Demonstrations Units. All the training sessions will be conducted outdoors weather permitting. Gear is required if you would like to get some hands on training.

Scheduled Public Demonstration Trainings
No trainings are scheduled at this time.

RSVP information needed when registering for training:

  • How many firefighters will be attending the training
  • A contact number for the day/evening of the training in case the training session is canceled
  • An e-mail to use to send more details and confirmation information

For more information regarding training, contact:
Kellie Murphy Ringate | 952-960-1692 | [email protected]

To rent the unit, please fill out the rental agreement and submit it to [email protected]

Kitchen Fire Safety Live Demonstration Unit Rental Agreement
Download the Kitchen Fire Safety Live Demonstration Unit Manual

Click the calendar links below to check if your event date is open. To view the department's contact information, click their event's link.

Unit One (North) Reservation Calendar
Unit Two (South) Reservation Calendar

Kitchen Fire Safety Live Demonstration Unit Host Departments

Unit One (North)
Menahga Fire Department
115 2nd Street NE
Menahga, MN 56464
Contact: Fire Chief Dave Kicker
Cell: 218-639-8123
[email protected]

Unit Two (South)
Host: Faribault Fire Department
112 2nd Street NW
Faribault, MN 55021
Contact: Dustin Dienst
[email protected]

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2019 Kitchen Fire Safety Live Demonstration Unit Rental Agreement