Leadership Awards

Leadership Award

Leadership awards are presented by the President of the MSFCA. This prestigious award is presented to a person who has gone the extra mile to support the fire service. They do not have to be a member of the fire service. Recipients are individuals or groups that have made major contributions to the success of the fire service and fire service projects. There are many support groups that have contributed to the success of the MSFCA and the promotion of the fire service. These people and/or group(s) should be recognized for their service.  

The MSFCA President shall submit their request(s) to the committee by July 31st of each year. The appropriate award will be designed by the Marketing Committee.

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Friend of the MSFCA Award

On occasion, individuals or groups step forward and provide some level of service to our organization that helps promote our mission, vision, and values. The Friend of the MSFCA Award is a formal way to recognize those individuals and groups.

Nominations for this award can be made by any member of the Executive Board and should be submitted on the standard nomination form. Nominations are due by July 31st each year to the Awards Selection Committee. The Awards Selection Committee shall determine the recipients of this award and the appropriate award.

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