Committee: Finance Committee

Contact: Wayne Kewitsch, Chair - [email protected]

2022 Mission: The mission of the Finance Committee is to provide a measure of control to the overall financial condition of the Minnesota State Fire Chiefs Association, to review the short-term and long-term finances of the Association, to investigate alternative and innovative methods of financing, to ensure stability in the solicitation of revenues and to monitor and review the annual budget.

2022 Report: I am pleased to report that the Association was able to successfully navigate 2021 without needing to access our reserve account. This was due in great part to the dedicated support of our Bugle Sponsors, our vendors and excellent association management by our management firm, Association Resource Center (ARC). Beginning in December 2021, the Finance Committee began working on budget proposals for 2022. The main change in the budget from 2021, was the new contract with lobbying firm Messerli & Kramer. This budget was able to fund core Association committees and functions and results in an anticipated deficit of -$48,920.00. The deficit amount is the cost of the Messerli & Kramer contract.

The Association contracted with Wegner CPAs to conduct a financial audit of the association for 2021. We are pleased to report that the audit was clean, and there were no findings regarding our financial operations, and our tax returns were filed on time.

The committee will begin developing a budget for 2023 very soon with anticipated approval by the Board at their meeting in winter.

Finance Committee

Chair: Wayne Kewitsch, Fire Chief (Ret.), Richfield Fire

Dept. [email protected]

Paul Goettl, Fire Chief, Lutsen Fire Dept.

Tom Oble, Fire Chief (Ret.), Le Suer Fire Dept.

Kip Springer, Deputy Chief, Eagan Fire Dept.


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