Committee: Communications & Policy

Contact: Kurt Rogers, Chair - [email protected]

2022 Mission: The mission of the Communications and Policy Committee is to provide  policy recommendations to the MSFCA Board of Directors, with an emphasis on promoting goals, directions and quality within the organization. The Committee continuously monitors and updates the Policy and Procedure Manual to ensure the MSFCA is operating within state and federal law and regulations it sets for itself. New policies are introduced to the Board of Directors for consideration as need arises.

The Committee also assists the Board of Directors in coordinating all of the Association’s committees and communication channels, overseeing all facets of the MSFCA website, Minnesota Fire Chief magazine and E-Newsletter operations that include, but are not limited to, publishing, editing and advertising. The Committee also ensures that all informational content meets the needs of the Association’s members.

2022 Report: The Committee has two primary objectives: Communications and Policy. Most of the focus in 2022 was on Policy work. The Policy & Procedure Manual was last overhauled in 2015 so the Committee started tackling the review and revision of MSFCA policies, policy-by-policy. Policies 400, 410, 411, and 415 were updated and approved by the Board of Directors this year. Spelling errors were corrected, and the format was completely overhauled due to repetitive and extraneous language.

Policy 400: Association Representation

The policy was reformatted to explain the qualifications, composition, diversity, and accommodations for all committees and appointments. The qualification that all Committee Chairs must be a voting MSFCA member was added to the language.

Policy 410: Association Representation Summaries and Expectations

The previous version of policies 410 and 411 had separate policies for each committee and appointed position. The updated 410 is one policy for all the 410 and 411 policies. The updated policy references a separate document that contains the descriptions, meeting information, details and more for each committee and appointment.

Policy 415: Apparel Policy for Committee and Board Members

Small formatting changes were made. The requirements for the shirt to be button down and embroidered were updated to collared shirt with the association logo and appropriate lettering to match current practices.

Once the manual is overhauled, it will continuously be reviewed to keep the Policy & Procedure Manual updated. If you want to get involved with Communications and Policy work, 2022 is a great year to step forward. Our expanding Committee is always looking for detailed and dedicated members to join.

2022 Communications & Policy Committee Members

Chair: Kurt Rogers, Lakewood, Fire Chief [email protected]

Tim Bush, Fire Chief, Maple Grove Fire Dept.

Dennis Edwards, Asst. Chief, Duluth Fire Dept.

Dan Lysher, Fire Chief, 148th Air National Guard


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