Committee: Bylaws

Contact: Ulie Seal, Chair – [email protected]

2022 Mission: The mission of the Bylaws Committee is to take an active role in assessing, revising and upholding MSFCA’s organizational Bylaws and ensuring that all business of the organization is conducted within the scope and spirit of those Bylaws.

2022 Report: There are two significant or substantive bylaws changes brought for a floor vote at the annual membership meeting during the Annual Conference. 

As a result of the pandemic and the cancellation of the Annual Conference, the Association was in technical violation of its own bylaws. The proposed change to address this potential issue in the future is to allow for an electronic fall membership meeting at the Boards discretion if the fall an in person membership meeting or conference could not be held. The proposed change outlines the rules for holding an electronic fall membership meeting.

At the request of the Board, a proposed change to place a disciplinary process into the bylaws including the formation of a Disciplinary Committee and the process the committee would follow to investigate and charge, if appropriate, a member with violations of the Associations rules and/or code of conduct. In the absence of any previous language allowing the discipline or censure of an Association member that violated the Associations rules or code of conduct, the proposed bylaws change substantially follow Roberts Rules recommendations for disciplinary actions for members of an association.

2022 Bylaws Committee Members
  • Chair: Ulie Seal, Bloomington, Fire Chief

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