Committee: Bylaws

Contact: Ulie Seal, Chair – [email protected]

2019 Mission: The mission of the Bylaws Committee is to take an active role in assessing, revising and upholding MSFCA’s organizational bylaws and ensuring that all business of the organization is conducted within the scope and spirit of those bylaws.

2019 Committee Report: At the direction of the Board of Directors, the Bylaws committee drafted language amending the Association bylaws and proposing revisions for the 2019 electronic election cycle. After extensive review by the Board of Directors, on April 13, 2019, the Board of Directors passed a resolution to submit changes to the Association Bylaws to the membership for action by the 2019 fall meeting. As a result of the elections for all officer and director positions being non-contested, in accordance with MSFCA Bylaws Section 7.4.1, Unanimous Ballots, as the Chair of the Nominations and Elections Committee and representative of the Association, a ballot is cast for each officer and director and as such they are elected. This will be formally declared at the Annual Conference. A non-contested election and subsequent election of officers and directors has offered the Association an opportunity to save money otherwise spent on the electronic election and balloting and instead have a floor vote on the recommended Bylaws changes at the Annual Conference.

The Bylaws Amendment handout outlines the recommended changes to the Bylaws. A short presentation will be made at the conference covering the changes and motions to accept the changes will be made for the floor to conduct the vote onsite. If any member has any questions about the changes, please feel free to contact me and I will do my best to answer them.

  • Chair: Ulie Seal, Fire Chief Bloomington Fire Department 
  • Mike Johnson, Owatonna, Fire Chief
  • Mike Scott, Eagan, Fire Chief
  • Judy Thill, Inver Grove, Fire Chief

2018 Mission: The mission of the By-Laws Committee is to work with and at the direction of the President of the Minnesota State Fire Chiefs Association to ensure the by-laws meet the needs of the Association.

2018 Committee Report: The Bylaws committee will be reviewing the Association bylaws and proposing revisions for 2019. The review will be of the entire bylaws to more closely follow recognized language and formatting and to address any inconsistencies and possible omissions in the current bylaws.

  • Chair: Ulie Seal, Fire Chief Bloomington Fire Department
  • Mike Johnson, Fire Chief, Owatonna
  • Mike Schutt, Fire Chief, Hastings
  • Mike Scott, Fire Chief, Eagan
  • Judy Thill, Fire Chief, Inver Grove

2017 Bylaws Committee Report

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