Committee: Bylaws

Contact: Ulie Seal, Chair – [email protected]

2020 Mission: The mission of the Bylaws Committee is to take an active role in assessing, revising and upholding MSFCA’s organizational Bylaws and ensuring that all business of the organization is conducted within the scope and spirit of those Bylaws. 

2020 Report: At the direction of the Board of Directors, the Bylaws committee is examining the Bylaws and the effects of the pandemic-related conference cancelation. The Bylaws require a fall membership meeting (Article III, Section 3.1). This meeting was scheduled and was subsequently canceled due to the pandemic public health emergency. Predictably, Roberts Rules do not address meeting cancelations for the duration of time that this pandemic emergency requires. 

As a reminder, elections for President, Vice President and Regional Directors are to be held in 2021. Members who are seeking office and are qualified must submit their name by April 1. 

Section 7.3 Candidates. Active Members who desire to be candidates and are qualified in accordance with Article II, Section 2.1.1 and Article V, Section 5.4 of the Bylaws, may submit their name, office being sought, and a profile of their qualifications, to the Nominations and Elections Committee, in writing by April 1 of the year they are seeking election. The Nominations and Elections Committee shall certify the eligibility of candidates for the election.

 Ballots for the election would need to be sent in July (date dependent on the conference date assuming that we have a fall conference in 2021).

Section 7.4.2 Balloting Process. For all offices for which there are two (2) or more candidates, the Nominations and Elections Committee shall conduct an election by mail or electronic ballot as determined by the Board of Directors. The Nominations and Elections Committee shall establish and approve safeguards required to maintain the integrity of the balloting process prior to initiation of any balloting. The Nominations and Elections Committee and the Executive Director will prepare and send a mail or electronic ballot to all association members eligible to vote. The mail or electronic ballot shall be sent at least ninety (90) days prior to the date set for the opening of the fall membership meeting and must be received by the Nominations and Elections Committee at least forty-five (45) days prior to the opening date of the fall membership meeting. The Committee will provide the Executive Director, Board of Directors and the candidates with the “unofficial results” and otherwise make such results available to the membership of the association at least 30 days prior to the conference.

2020 Bylaws Committee Members

  • Chair: Ulie Seal, Fire Chief Bloomington Fire Department
  • Mike Johnson, Owatonna, Fire Chief
  • Mike Scott, Eagan, Fire Chief
  • Judy Thill, Inver Grove, Fire Chief

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