Committee: Marketing & Membership Committee

Contact: Steve Koering, Chair -  [email protected]

2020 Mission: It is the mission of the Marketing and Membership committee to promote and educate all fire service leaders on the value of membership, and to promote an inclusive and equitable environment for ideas and action to thrive.

2020 Report: The Marketing and Membership Services Committee continues to collaborate with the MSFCA office on building continued efficiency and sustainability in promoting the MSFCA. This has never been more important than it is today as we navigate through the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. At a time when we are asked to be more distant the MSFCA is building solutions to bring us closer. Membership is the key to tapping into those connections.  Membership renewals can be done online on the MSFCA website, making it easier for your organization to determine the various ways to engage your department through membership. If you or someone in your department has any questions about renewing, please reach out to the committee or the MSFCA office. As a reminder, the 2021 membership renewal process begins in December.

2020 has been a challenging year for the organization; however, because of outstanding leadership and responsible decision-making, the organization remains financially strong with 1550 members and 357 departments. Our members and their leaders have made the choice to advance the mission of their departments and the MSFCA. Now would be the time to reach out to your neighboring departments who may feel as if they do not belong and ask them to join the team. This will allow us to create a broad-based view of the Minnesota fire service reality, which is critical for serving the entire state and is a key component of supporting organizational resiliency.

2021 will hopefully allow us to return to some level of normalcy, including the return of our Annual Conference in Duluth. As we continue to move towards recovery, we need innovative and adaptive members who would like to serve on a variety of committees, including this one.  The Membership and Marketing Committee plays an integral role in growing our membership, developing our leaders, creating solutions that make it easier for our leaders to lead and reinforcing the return on the investment of being a member of the MSFCA.   

This is an exciting time to be part of the MSFCA, and I look forward to speaking with all of you about your ideas.

2020 Marketing and Membership Committee Members

  • Chair: Steve Koering, St Louis Park Fire
  • Jason Mickelson, Fire Chief, Dayton
  • Tim Holmes, Fire Chief, Brainerd

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