Fire Officer Of The Year

Nomination Criteria

Each year, two Fire Officer of the Year Awards presented to very deserving members of the fire service. One award is presented to an officer from a city with a population under 10,000 and one to an officer from a city with a population over 10,000. 

Individuals who are eligible for nomination and selection as Fire Officer of the Year are limited to active officers of departments. Qualified individuals include: Chief, Assistant Chief, Captain, Lieutenant, Training Officer, Fire Marshal, etc.

Selection criteria will emphasize leadership, innovation, professional development, integrity, service to the public and contributions to the fire service as a whole. All of a nominee's fire service activities and accomplishments will be considered, but because this is the Fire Officer of the Year award, special emphasis will be placed on the last three year period. A nominee's command role at a major emergency incident, while relevant, will not be enough to place that individual into contention for the award. 

The recipients of this award will receive the following:

A $1,200 grant for an approved fire department purchase or stipend to attend a continuing professional education/development event such as Fire Rescue International, FDIC, Executive Edge, National Fire Academy, or other similar conferences of opportunities.

  • The event and expenses shall be approved by the Executive Committee prior to registering.
  • The recipient will have one year to submit their receipts.

Submit Nominations

Nomination Process
Nominations may be only submitted through the MSFCA Office. The nominator is responsible for notifying their candidate and ensuring that s/he is willing to participate in our final selection process. 

Nomination Format

  1. Official nomination form or online nomination form.
  2. Current résumé detailing the candidate's involvement in the fire service. 
  3. Up to six other documents supporting the candidate's nomination, such as award citations, newspaper articles or letters of recommendation from appropriate elected or appointed officials. 

No campaigning is permitted. The nomination form and supporting documents comprise the entire documentation for a candidate's nomination. Neither the nominee nor anyone representing him or her is to contact the awards committee member(s) once the nomination has been made or before the final selection has been made. Any violations of this will subject the nominee to disqualification. 

The deadline for nomination packages to be received at the MSFCA office is July 31st each year. 

The Selection Process 
The nomination packages will be reviewed by the MSFCA Awards Selection Subcommittee's appointed panel to select the winners. MSFCA reserves the right to omit an award. Photos will be published in the Quarter 4 issue of the Minnesota Fire Chief Magazine.

View Past Fire Officer of the Year Award Winners

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