2022 Annual Conference: Closing Symposium

The Deliberate Leader - Mark vonAppen
Saturday, October 22nd, 8:00 - 11:30 am

Session Description
FULLY INVOLVED is geared toward professionals who wish to expand their abilities in leadership. This presentation is aimed at anyone who wishes to lead at any level. FULLY INVOLVED is rooted in improving team performance and has application in both the public and private sectors. FULLY INVOLVED has worked for over 40 years in professional football, the fire service, and applies to the business world as well. Thousands of fire service professionals have attended the FULLY INVOLVED Leadership Seminars and are now among the involved. "Getting team members to pull towards a common goal is a key component in successful operations. FULLY INVOLVED gives students the tools to create a pact that is applicable to all levels of the organization." 

Mark vonAppen
Mark vonAppen, a member of the fire service since 1998, is assigned to the suppression division where he holds the rank of captain. He has served a committee member for California State Fire Training and contributed to the development of Firefighter Survival and Rapid Intervention curriculums. Mark has been a featured presenter at The Fire Department Instructors Conference (FDIC) since 2015, published in Fire Engineering Magazine, and is the creator of the fire service leadership blog FULLY INVOLVED. He has been an instructor for the Santa Clara County Joint Fire Academy, a recruit Instructor for Palo Alto Fire, and an academy instructor at Evergreen Community College.